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Fitness Model, Wellness Advocate, Health & Fitness Blogger, NASM CPT, Online Personal Trainer, Bikini Competitor

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To help people unlock their potential to perform optimally – mentally and physically.

Athletic Background

HS JV Tennis, HS Varsity Swimming, HS Varisty Water Polo, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Bikini Competition, Spartan Race, 5K Runs, 10K Runs

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My Inspiration

My passion has always been in fitness, but it wasn’t until my uncle’s passing in 2012 that my perspective on health and wellness really began to evolve. In discussing his illness with family members, I discovered that in the initial diagnosis, he was only expected to live for two years. After being diagnosed with cancer, he changed his lifestyle, began eating nutritious foods, exercised regularly, and leaned on the support of his direct and extended family. The day I became aware of the day he was diagnosed, I was in absolute shock.

My uncle outlived his prognosis by 13 years.

It was this pivotal moment that sparked a deep passion within to explore and truly understand the positive impact that physical and mental wellness can have on the quality of life. Health and fitness was no longer a hobby to me, but a tool with which I could use to enrich the lives of others. If my uncle could fight off stage four cancer with such vigor by changing his lifestyle, then others should be equipped to accomplish the same. Positive lifestyle changes allowed my uncle to live to see the marriage of his son to his lovely wife and also gave him the opportunity to see the birth of his granddaughter.

It is these priceless memories that are the driving force behind my relentless effort to lead a healthy life. It is the future, unforgettable experiences shared between individuals that I vow to save. It is my life mission to be proactive in enabling the creation of such memories by inspiring individuals to lead healthy, positive, and meaningful lives. I am committed to building myself up as a source of motivation and knowledge for others. Everything that I work for is dedicated to the unhealthy, terminally ill, and those on their journey to be healthy. I devote my life to salvage these precious memories shared between our mothers, fathers, children, grandchildren, and friends.

Ting Wang