Below are my recommendations for top health and fitness products. I have used everything listed on this page and still use most of them today. The large majority of these have become essential to my routine. Please note that there are affiliate links in this page. The companies below have not contacted me directly to promote their goods. It is my personal choice to be an advocate for everything on this page that has helped me step up my health and fitness game. I hope that they can do the same for you too! Check out my toolkit below.


Lululemon Align Crop 21″
My favorite product line from Lululemn. So soft and extremely comfortable. They’re my go-to pants when lunging at home, training at the gym, and on long-haul flights.
lululemon align crop pant 21

2XU Women’s Mid-Rise Compression Tights 7/8 Tights
One of my favorite pairs of pants to work out in right now. They’re nice and tight, comfortable, sweat-wicking, and look great.


I love resistance bands because of how portable and versatile they are. I have a pack of these that I use for priming, mobility work, and body weight exercises. You can get really creative with these. No fitness toolkit would be complete without resistance bands.
rubberbandtiz combo resistance bands
Adidas Squad III Duffle Bag
I’ve gone through numerous gym bags. This one is the latest, and it has all the pockets that I need. It holds shoes, resistance bands, gymnastic rings, a jump rope, athletic tape, chalk, a tripod, mobility tools, and a few other small items.
Body Back Buddy
A tool to help relieve tension in the muscles. I have this in two sizes and use it throughout the day to work out any annoying kinks.

GSC Gym Chalk
Essential for maintaining a tight grip. Used typically when lifting heavy or performing exercises on pull-up bars and gymnastic rings.

Muscle Max Massage Ball
I use this┬áregularly against a wall on my traps, lats, and general back area. Affordable, great level of stiffness, and doesn’t slip out from underneath you.

Rumble Roller
Another mobility device I use to relieve tension in the muscles. I go light pre-workout and deeper post-workout. It really gets in there.. prepare for discomfort.


Thrive Market
Think the online version of Whole Foods, but affordable. They offer organic and sustainable whole foods with options to browse by personal value. Values include Moms, Paleo, Raw, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.


Epsoak Epsom Salt
Great for relaxing the muscles. I take a weekly hot bath, and I add 2-4 cups of epsom salt and soak for a good 20-30min.

Now Lavender Essential Oil
Smells amazing. This is a part of my weekly bathing routine. I also use this religiously before bed every night for its calming and relaxing properties. That’s why spas often use lavender oil. I rub some on my palms and take a few slow breaths in. I also smear a bit on my pillow.


Thorne Research
Affordable home tests kits include tests for fertility, stress, heavy metals, sleep, and thyroid. Helpful when you think you may have an issue to address. It’s important to have someone interpret the results for you.


Top-of-the-line blender. Awesome for smoothies, sauces, and soups. Pulverizes the crap out of everything!


Self-explanatory. I’ve bought a handful of various supplements from this company. Most recently, I purchased krill oil and L-glutamine. I check with third party sources to see how reliable the labels are before purchasing.

Great Lakes Gelatin / Collagen Hydrolysate
I take this fairly consistently to maintain healthy joints when I’m not drinking homemade bone broth. Rather than using protein powders, I’ll add collagen into my green tea if I know my protein consumption may be too low for the day. It’s tasteless, dissolves easily, and is easy to consume. No protein farts here :).

Host Defense Lion’s Mane
One of the few supplements I take daily. Supports brain health and cognitive function.

Now Vitamin D3
Super important for me given that I’m in an office the whole day. Vitamin D influences the expression of 1/24 of human genes – that’s close to 1,000 genes! The ideal range to be in is 40-60ng/ml. I get my blood tested every year, and I ensure that I hit that target range. I wouldn’t be able to without this supplement.